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The Pearl Shop - Wilderness, South Africa

We are situated in the Milkwood Village Shopping Centre in Wilderness, Western Cape. A beautiful little spot to stop as you’re driving along the Garden Route.

We specialize in fresh water pearls and compliment our designs with gem stones, silver and crystals to create unique pieces that show designer flair rather than your average string of pearls. From earrings, rings and necklaces to pendants and bracelets to exclusive selection pieces. We do them all! Our aim is to provide to a diverse group of people, both domestically and internationally.

We strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our clients to create them something that will last a lifetime. The fresh water cultured pearls that we use in our designs were initially produced in Japan and the United States, but are now exclusively produced and cultivated on pearl farms in China.

We ensure the pearls that we use are top quality and conform to the ‘A’ grading system of fresh and salt water pearls.Contrary to popular belief, many people have this idea that pearls are only round. Yes, this is generally what a standard pearl looks like, however pearls can also come in many different shapes, sizes and colour. This is due to the culturing process whilst they are grown.

This is also what sets The Pearl Shop apart from others, our designs feature a wide range of different shapes, colors and sizes. Our business also specializes in the rethreading and remodelling of vintage pearls. We can also use the pearls you have and create new designs, incorporating stones, silver and crystals upon your request.

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Next to sound judgment, diamonds and pearls are the rarest things in the world.

– Jean de la Bruyere

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